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About Us

Feeding raw started almost 15 years ago for me when I was a supervisor of a boarding facility within a large emergency animal hospital.

I had all of the top of the line dog foods at my disposal, so I fed these foods to my Miniature Schnauzer, Trampie. After awhile I noticed he was constantly licking his front paws. He licked them so much they turned a copper color. Then the ear infections and scratching followed. He was one miserable little guy.

I had his veterinarian give him an exam, but was told it was just a genetic skin condition and I was sent home with medication. Well, as you can guess, his misery never went away. So I started the process of eliminating items in his life and came to the conclusion it was his food.

The first step was researching foods. In the end I felt feeding him raw, keeping it clean and simple, was going to be the best choice for him. Within a month, he stopped licking his paws, the ear infections went away along with the scratching. I finally had a happy and energetic dog again.

A majority of my life I have been dedicated to the wellbeing of all animals. I have been a supervisor of a dog and cat boarding facility, a supervisor of dog adoptions at a humane society, owner of a pet sitting business, a dog trainer and finally, the General Manager of Old Fashion Country Butcher, a meat processing facility in Santa Paula.

Being in the meat industry I have access to the highest quality, natural meat products available. I believe the "Furry Carnivore" in your family deserves to be fed what nature intended them to eat. Raw feeding is the purest most nutritional way to feed your dog or cat.

It has always been my desire to produce high quality raw food to help other dogs, like Trampie, who suffer from unnecessary medical issues from poor quality store bought food.

Keeping it pure. Keeping it simple.

I would like to welcome you to,

Heart & Soul
Raw Pet Food

Kathy Cunningham, Owner